Clue Free About PVC (Vinyl)

I'm still laughing at the embedded video. This is how misinformation is spread to uninformed people regarding vinyl. Take a look and have a chuckle.

Was that Satan narrating? "Carpets are like icebergs." Sure right. And morons are like geniuses. Never mind PVC Free, this video is just plain Fact Free. Ask the USGBC, the CDC and the EPA.

PVC is not toxic in the factory and is fully recyclable infinitely. Tandus actually has been recycling post consumer and post industrial PVC in a closed loop, cradle-to-cradle process in their Environmental Center since the early '90's and has already kept over 145,000,000 lbs of material from landfills so far. That's a lot of icebergs! The United States Congress gave them an Innovation award for this back in 1997. Perhaps some facts and research would be best before these people attempt their next video because this is really good environmental stewardship.

I must admit, my favorite part is when Satan says,"...if nature can find a way to break it down it is probably safe." Hmmm, probably? Nature can break down rattlesnakes but they are far from safe. Ever chew on a Hemlock? And did you know that people actually die from coconuts falling from trees and hitting people in the head? Maybe that's what happened to the people who made this video. Perhaps we should consider banning coconuts.

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  1. Ha! That video was so ridiculous...and scary that someone actually believed it enough to make a video about it. Your blog is the bomb!